fast document generation

Datajones helps to speed up document generation

The problem: Imagine you are tasked to write a proposal to a customer.
For most people that means: Look for the last proposal, open it up in Word/Excel, replace some values, store the document under a different name, generate a PDF and mail it to the customer. This process is prone to errors and time consuming.
The solution: Send me your last proforma or any other document as a template.
You will get access to a customized form with autocompletion and default values to generate and mail your standard documents in a fraction of the time.

see some example forms and generated documents

Stop editing the same document
over and over and over..

Do you know this workflow?
Search the right document, replace the name the date and some other data points.
Save it under a different name, create a PDF and send it via email.
If you know this workflow, you probably hate it.

Sadly, data entry will probably never be fun, but it should be at least fast and convenient.

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Have a form ready for all your standard documents

Easy accessible in your desktop or mobile browser, with customizable features like default values, auto completion or custom field types.
You are not limited to text. You can upload images and even fill in tabular data like positions in an invoice.

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Enjoy beautiful PDFs
based on your own design

Just upload your existing templates or use Libreoffice/OpenOffice to generate your template documents.
All you have to do is write placeholders [[like]] [[this]] into your document.
The software will build a customizable default form for you.
If this sounds too technical to you, please do not worry. Just contact me and I will do the setup for you.

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Calculations, Graphs and Images

Access the full power of modern word processing.
Think of features like header, footer and page numbering or advanced features like calculations, graphs or images.

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Mobile and offline data collection

Imagine how cool it would be if you could tell your customer on your way out:
'And by the way, my proposal should already be in your inbox!'

If you are currently without internet, you can still continue to collect data. Once you have your connection back, the system will start to create your documents.

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